The Pale Rose – Chapter 22 & Asking For Help

So I took a little Christmas vacation, but we’re back on the usual schedule now. As such, Chapter 22 of The Pale Rose is upon us. Cheid makes a pleasant discovery that will help him find out more of his enemies.

The Pale Rose – Part Three

Now, as for the other topic of the day. I’ve been working on a novel completely unrelated to Balaria. It’s about 77k words long or 205 pages with my usual layout. It is the first part of a trilogy in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. Usually I would just start posting chapters from it, but I want to do things a bit differently with it so the story will be the best it can be. Usually, no one besides me reads my texts before I put them on-line. Now, I would like to have someone else read the text and give their opinion on it. It can be just general feedback or you can add as detailed notes to it as you’d like. If you’re interested in doing something like that, let me know. I’d really appreciate the help 🙂

The Pale Rose – Chapter 10 & What’s Up

So it has been a long time since I posted anything new. In the case of The Pale Rose it has been about three months, which is a fair bit of time. I’d like to say I decided to keep a summer vacation from posting, but that’s not really what happened. I simply got distracted.

I got an idea for a novel that I just couldn’t leave alone. I had to write it. So that’s what I did. Initially I wrote it at the same time as I continued on The Pale Rose, but towards the end I worked solely on that piece. I even started writing it with the thought I might try and get it published, but that’s an idea I’ve since given up on. Getting published just seems to involve a lot of work that I’m not willing to do. I’d rather spend my time writing stories instead of letters to agents and what have you.

In any case, the first novel of that idea is now done. At least the first draft is. At 78k words, it’s a decent start to what will be a trilogy and I’m going to say I think it’s some of the best writing I’ve done so far. It’s completely separate from the world of Balaria, something entirely new. I’m excited to share it with all of you once I get the thing edited to an acceptable level and maybe had someone beta read it. For now, I’ll just leave you with this teaser:

Alternate cover

Alternate cover

Now, about The Pale Rose. I’m just about done completing it and there are plenty of chapters to post. I just posted chapter 10 on here and that leaves me with 18 ready chapters to go. The plan is to go back to the chapter every Sunday schedule and I hope to keep that up. Now that I have the first bit of that obsession story out of me I’ll hopefully have time to do some short stories as well. Plenty of ideas floating around my head for those.

I’m sorry about the long silence, but at the same time I’m excited to get to posting again. I hope I haven’t lost all my readers to this break 🙂

So let’s just put some links at the end to remind you:

The Pale Rose – Part One

The Pale Rose – Part Two

Horizon – Chapters 14 & 15 + Taking a Break

Hey guys.

So today you get a double release. Two chapters of Horizon. We get to meet the Esperans and the business with the agent gets some good twists. The story leaves off in a nice spot for me to take a little break from posting stuff. Don’t worry, I’ll return after New Year to continue posting. Anyway, here’s the usual link.

Link: Horizon

Hope you enjoy it and have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

The Stone gets a Daily Deviation


You might remember I entered The Stone in a contest on Deviantart. It got a honorary mention, but it seems the reward itself came a bit later. Today to be precise.

The Stone was given a Daily Deviation, which means that — for today — it appears on the front page of Deviantart for the millions of visitors to see along with a selection of other artists works. The effect is pretty clear seeing as the work has been viewed by over 2300 people today with 700 people downloading the PDF. The comments have been largely positive so I’ve been feeling pretty good all day 🙂

Hopefully this translates to a few more readers for my works in general, but we’ll see. Even if it doesn’t, it has been great seeing so many people give my writing a go.