The Imaginary Friend


Sorry for the long silence. Finally got around to doing the finishing touches on a short story. I hope you enjoy what Sam and his imaginary friend get into.

PDF Link: The Imaginary Friend

Work on a longer story is going quite well. Might soon reach a point where I can start posting it. Meanwhile I think I’ll have one or two more short stories for you guys. Until next time.


So I wanted to write some horror. I’m not quite sure I nailed the atmosphere or even the horror element, but here it is. I hope you like it.

PDF Link: Sleepyhead

Next week or the week after I’ll start posting the last part of The Broken Worlds trilogy. Look forward to that 🙂

The Persecuted – Chapter 3 + Missing Persons

Here we go with the third chapter of The Persecuted. It is a memory chapter — Adan thinking back on what has happened in his life — so it is a bit short, but important none the less to build his character. There will be more of them, some longer, some shorter, but I hope you will enjoy them.

Link: The Persecuted

To compensate for the short chapter, here’s a little short story for you to enjoy as well. It follows Paul as he tries to report his wife missing to the police, but the service he gets turns out to be less than sane.

Link: Missing Persons

Hope you have fun reading these 🙂

Tales From Ramyn – The Clubbers

About time I continued this series. For those of you who do not remember, Tales From Ramyn is a series that focuses on the city of Ramyn and a number of its inhabitants. It’s a way of exploring and expanding the city to give it more life.

The Clubbers follows Denny and Irv as they go about their daily business. They’re clubbers. They find some of the more exotic visitors to the city of Ramyn and capture them to be sold on for money. This time, their hunt doesn’t go quite as planned.

Link: The Clubbers

In case you haven’t read it, here’s a link to the first part of the series. You don’t have to have read it, but if you enjoy this one you’ll probably enjoy it too. It’ll also show you how the stories are connected. It’s very loose, but it’s there.

Link: The Street Urchin

New chapter of The Persecuted this Sunday. Look forward to that 🙂

The Persecuted – Chapter 1 + Some Short Stories

It has been a while since my last post. Too long. Hopefully with this I’ll get into the groove of things again. Kicking off a new series always feels good, though none of these have anything to do with the world of Balaria.

So here goes.

The Persecuted

The Persecuted follows Adan as he tries to survive a world that wants him dead only because he’s different from others. It is a dark tale and the main characters isn’t what you’d call a hero. Often he comes off more as a villain. Anyway, I hope you like it. I hope to post a new chapter weekly, though it might be bi-weekly. But no bigger gaps than that between chapters.

Link: The Persecuted

Short Stories

As a bonus here are two short stories I’ve put up on deviantart, but never got around to posting them here.

Link: The Robbery

I wanted to write something with the Alien/Species movie vibe. I hope I managed to do that with The Robbery.

Link: Post Life

Post Life is a more reflective story about what comes after death. Remember to bring a paper bag with you. You might need it if you stare at the light too much 😉

The Brothel


Long time since the last update. This time it’s just a random short story. I promise I’ll soon get back to posting something longer.

When I started writing this all I had was the first paragraph. Everything else just came as I wrote with little to no planning. So take this as you will, an example of how my mind works out stories or just some random short story. The ending is a bit open ended, but as I said, I had no ending in mind when I started writing this. I still don’t.

But yeah, I hope you find it enjoyable for what it is. If you’ve read any of my previous short stories you know the sort of things I write 🙂

Link: The Brothel

Tales From Ramyn – The Street Urchin


So I’m starting a new series. Tales From Ramyn is a collection of loosely connected short stories. The main focus is on exploring the city of Ramyn through the eyes of different characters. Some might have appeared in previous novels, but most are completely new. You don’t need to have knowledge of the world before jumping into these and you don’t really need to read these in any particular order, though doing it in the order published would be advisable.

The Street Urchin is the first in the series and introduces us to a young boy of the streets and his attempts to keep himself fed.

Link: The Street Urchin

Updates to this series will be sporadic, but hopefully not too far between. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

The Pale Rose – Chapter 19 + A Christmas Tale

December 1st. Only 23 more days to go.

Anyway, chapter 19 of The Pale Rose. Cheid gets things rolling and pays a visit to someone the clues sent him towards. I know the chapters have been a bit short as of late and so is this one, but there are some longer ones in the future.

The Pale Rose – Part Three

Since it’s the Christmas month, I figured I’d post a little Christmas themed story for you to enjoy. I hope you like it.

A Christmas Tale

Until next week.


It’s not often, but sometimes I end up reading a news article that gives me some idea for a small piece of writing. In the case of KtLB it was this piece about an Arkansas state legislative candidate and how he thinks there’s a case for giving the parents the right to have the state kill “rebellious children”.


It’s not exactly the greatest thing I’ve written, but I hope you find it enjoyable 🙂