The Success of Failure

Near the end of 2011 I entered a writing contest on Deviantart. The theme of it was ‘Hope And Despair Under Empire’. What they basically sought for were texts that displayed hope and/or despair under any sort of oppressive power, be it drugs, rule of tyranny by men or what have you. You can find the original contest announcement here.

I entered the contest with a piece titled ‘Failure’. It is a short view into the desperate life of a man who has lost just about everything in a world now ruled by aliens instead of humans. Here’s a link to it:


Anyway, the judging of the contest finished today and I received a honorary mention for a tied fourth place. 25 texts were submitted to the contest. You can find the winner announcement here. Can’t say I’m unhappy with the result. To be honest even fourth place feels pretty darn good for someone who entered a writing contest of any sort for the first time in his life.

Anyway, if you enjoy my piece I suggest reading the winning entries as well. They’re quite good 🙂