The Pale Rose – Chapter 3 & He Who Seeks – Chapter 5


Busy Sunday with two new chapters, one for The Pale Rose and another for He Who Seeks. I hope you enjoy both of them.

Chapter 3 of the Pale Rose introduces us some new characters and a bit of scheming. The violence is behind us, for now.

Link: The Pale Rose – Part One

On chapter five of He Who Seeks the identity of Target 2 is revealed and the story starts heading towards its ending. It’s looking like the story will be around 100 pages long so it’ll fall short of a full novel I think.

Link: He Who Seeks

On a bit of personal news, I’m starting a new job on Monday. What that will mean for my writing, I’m not sure yet. Certainly I’ll have less time to put into it so the pace might slow down a bit, especially with the side projects. But..we’ll see how things start running 🙂