Mega Sunday

Why mega you ask? Because we have two things finishing today.

Firstly, we have chapter 6 of The Pale Rose. It concludes Part One of the story. I’m probably passing up next weeks release to give the second part some time to mature a bit, but then I’ll continue posting. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far.

Link: The Pale Rose – Part One

And then we have the two final chapters to He Who Seeks. Yes, that’s right. It’s done. Did not turn out that long a story, but I do believe the quality makes up for it. At least I hope it does. And I hope the ending isn’t too shocking(or flat, could go either way). Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as well.

Link: He Who Seeks

So..yeah. There’s another side project I’ve had going. Maybe I’ll post its first chapter at some point, though I’m not too far into it just yet. Just know that I’m not running out of ideas any time soon so there will be plenty of things coming in the future 🙂