The Broken Worlds Trilogy

It was around 20 months ago that I posted the first chapter of Alternate, the first part of the trilogy. Today I’m posting the final two chapters of Coalesce, the final book in the series. This is without a doubt the longest continuous story I’ve written. There are definitely some highlights in there. Some of my favorite characters I’ve created. Without a doubt there are also mistakes. It is quite challenging to write such a long story and keep everything in order. There’s 275 000 words in it after all. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. I sure enjoyed writing it.

Here’s links to all three parts.

Book One: Alternate

Book Two: Disperse

Book Three: Coalesce

So what’s next? I’m happy to say it’s a return to the world of Balaria. I’ve neglected it for too long. I have three stories in the works, though it will be a while until the first one is ready to go. There’s also a sci-fi story I’ve been writing on and off as a distraction. Hopefully it’ll make an appearance at some point as well.

With all that said there will be a gap in posting stories. Maybe some short stories once in a while while I get something longer done. But that’s all I really have to say for now. So, until I have something new to share 🙂