R. A. Salvatores Transitions

Not that long ago I finished reading R. A. Salvatores Transitions trilogy. For those unfamiliar with it, I believe it is the 6th series of books dealing with the adventures of Drizzt Do’Urden and his companions in the world of Forgotten Realms. The story is quite advanced at this point and, indeed, this series has some major events in it. This is also quite possibly the darkest of the series so far. Some spoilers to follow and I will assume you’re familiar with a lot of things.

The series consist of three books called The Orc King, The Pirate King and The Ghost King. The Orc King pretty much finishes what was started with the book The Thousand Orcs. The issues with King Obould are resolved and our heroes are free to move to other matters. All in all it’s an satisfying book that ties up things left open in previous books.

The Pirate King revolves around events in the city of Luskan and Drizzt and Regis traveling to the north to see Wulfgar. It’s the sort of quality you’d expect from R. A. Salvatore and keeps you excited all through the book. Events aren’t left unsolved in this one which leads to an satisfactory end, even if matters do not progress favorably for our heroes.

The Ghost King is the final book in the trilogy and boy does it shock you if you’re a long time follower of Drizzt’s exploits. You have characters that you love and that have been around for more than 10 books that die away. This is certainly something that some readers won’t like or agree with as it’s nice to think the long time friends would continue adventuring forever and coming out on top from any situation. Salvatore decides otherwise and I think that was the right choice. At some point you’d have to deal with the different lifespans of the characters(human vs. elf). This book solves the issue and the events further stress the horrible nature of the Spellplague that is ravaging Faerûn during the books. You’ve come to expect the heroes can deal with everything thrown at them, but even they can’t deal with the consequences of the spellplague, which further underlines how major an event it is. The characters face an hopeless situation and suffer losses. The book ties up an period of Drizzts life and leaves him free to move on and move on he does in the Neverwinter series of book that follows.

All in all this in an series that you really can’t miss if you’re a fan of Drizz Do’Urden.