Time Line

Here are some important years(or estimates) based on the Common Date Calendar.

~65 000 BCD: The earliest elven settlements form in Balaria.

~40 000 BCD: The earliest human settlements form in Balaria

~20 000 BCD: Loriel gives the first seed of an Elf Tree to the elves.

~8000 BCD: The orcs are driven from their lands and forced into a nomadic life style.

218 BCD: The Ramyn Empire is formed.

0CD: The Common Date Calendar is introduced.

2426 CD: The Five Cities Alliance is formed to counter the growing threat of the Northern Barbarians.

2568 CD: The Troll Wars begin.

2570 CD: The halflings sign a treaty with the kingdom of Mandor to gain their protection from the trolls.

2572 CD: The Troll Wars end after the combined forces of humans, elves and dwarfs gain an important victory in the Balarian Mountain range.

2637 CD: The Ramyn empire is broken to three parts due to internal strife. The Duke of Wroth declares Wroth to be an independent kingdom. The duke of Voroth follows the example.

2782 CD: Deremoth and his cult are defeated.

3085 CD: Eleria is crowned the empress of Ramyn. The Guardian Spirit tale begins

3115 CD: Rune magic is developed.

3167 CD: Portal travel is perfected.

3216 CD: Elwar Soran sets sail with his ship and her crew.

5568 CD: Exodus of the elves.