Random Shorts

Some short stories I’ve written that have nothing to do with the world of Balaria. Mostly they’re scifi and pretty dark in nature. They’re all PDF files.


A man down on his luck sees an opportunity to save his life. This story took part in the user conducted Hope and Despair Under Empire writing contest on deviantart and took a shared fourth place.

The Rescue

A team of commandos breach a facility to rescue an important person.

The Problem

Jack has a problem and the solution isn’t looking to be easy.

The Stone

Sam and George are homeless and living under a bridge. One morning Sam finds a peculiar object that changes the lives of the two men.

This was my entry to the Summer Contest hosted by Daily Literature Deviations on Deviantart. You can read more about the contest here. Out of 59 pieces entered in the contest, three were rewarded and four got a honourable mention. The Stone was among the four honourable mentions. Full results here.

The piece received an Daily Deviation on September 18th 2012.

The Game

The story focuses on Tom, a nervous wreck of a man whose debtors are hot on his heels, wanting their money. Having scavenged an cyborg leg from a body floating in the river, he hopes to get enough money for it from an used parts shop, but things are not that simple..


It’s not often, but sometimes I end up reading a news article that gives me some idea for a small piece of writing. In the case of KtLB it was this piece about an Arkansas state legislative candidate and how he thinks there’s a case for giving the parents the right to have the state kill “rebellious children”.

Solitary Children

The story is about a boy called Tim who encounters a problem with his mothers behavior. He knows what he is supposed to do, but will he do it?

A Christmas Tale

It’s Christmas time and children are looking forward to Santa’s visit. The bad children have reason to worry this time around.

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