The Broken Worlds Trilogy

It was around 20 months ago that I posted the first chapter of Alternate, the first part of the trilogy. Today I’m posting the final two chapters of Coalesce, the final book in the series. This is without a doubt the longest continuous story I’ve written. There are definitely some highlights in there. Some of my favorite characters I’ve created. Without a doubt there are also mistakes. It is quite challenging to write such a long story and keep everything in order. There’s 275 000 words in it after all. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. I sure enjoyed writing it.

Here’s links to all three parts.

Book One: Alternate

Book Two: Disperse

Book Three: Coalesce

So what’s next? I’m happy to say it’s a return to the world of Balaria. I’ve neglected it for too long. I have three stories in the works, though it will be a while until the first one is ready to go. There’s also a sci-fi story I’ve been writing on and off as a distraction. Hopefully it’ll make an appearance at some point as well.

With all that said there will be a gap in posting stories. Maybe some short stories once in a while while I get something longer done. But that’s all I really have to say for now. So, until I have something new to share 🙂

Alternate – Complete

So I missed last weeks update. I’m making up for it by releasing the last two chapters in one go. I hope you’ll enjoy what remains of the story and look forward to the second book. I also added the cover image to the PDF so it’s a fair bit bigger than before, but hopefully not too large.

PDF link: Alternate

Wattpad link: Alternate

I’ll try to get the second book edited as soon as possible so I can start putting up chapters of that. With around 105 000 words and 286 pages it’s a bit longer than this first one 🙂

Alternate – Chapter 10

So it goes that there are only two more chapters left after this one. In this one the battle for Siver begins and some thing happen that set up a lot for things for the future as well as the second book in the series. It’s getting more and more interesting. At least I hope it is.

PDF link: Alternate

Wattpad link: Alternate

Also, do not worry. The second book in the series is already written. I just need to edit it once more before starting to post it so there shouldn’t too long a break between the two parts.