The Stone gets a Daily Deviation


You might remember I entered The Stone in a contest on Deviantart. It got a honorary mention, but it seems the reward itself came a bit later. Today to be precise.

The Stone was given a Daily Deviation, which means that — for today — it appears on the front page of Deviantart for the millions of visitors to see along with a selection of other artists works. The effect is pretty clear seeing as the work has been viewed by over 2300 people today with 700 people downloading the PDF. The comments have been largely positive so I’ve been feeling pretty good all day 🙂

Hopefully this translates to a few more readers for my works in general, but we’ll see. Even if it doesn’t, it has been great seeing so many people give my writing a go.

The Stone and the Contest Results


You might remember that a few months ago I posted a story called The Stone on here and mentioned it’s taking part in a contest on Deviantart. Well, the results are in on that.

Out of 59 works submitted, three were rewarded and four got a honorable mention. The Stone was among those four works that got a honorable mention. To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to do that well, but it’s always a pleasant surprise to see yourself proven wrong.

You can find the full results here: Daily Literature Deviations Summer Contest results.

Some good works there if you’re looking for some short pieces to read 🙂