Guardian Spirit – Complete


What can I say other than that — at least story wise — it’s finally done? A little over 124 000 words went into it, forming a novel with a length of over 330 pages. Does it need a few good edits to be even better? Probably, but it should be in good enough shape to read and enjoy(hence the 1.0 version).

Anyway, linkage time.

Guardian Spirit – Part Three

Guardian Spirit – The Entire Novel

As for the future, well, I’ve got a few pages done of the first chapter for the next story. It won’t be a direct continuation to Guardian Spirit though it will pull some things from the events that took place in GS. It’ll also somewhat venture off from the traditional fantasy waters I think. So..look forward to a new story starting soon. Read GS while you wait for it 😉

Guardian Spirit – Chapter 20

After a short break, we’re back to getting on with the story.

With this chapter the journey to the mountains starts and Nisoen finds himself in the middle of an investigation that makes him turn to help from a somewhat unexpected party.

As always, the new chapter has been added to the PDF file for Part three of the story. Link: Guardian Spirit – Part Three

We’re pretty much nearing the end of the story here. Chapter 22 will be the last chapter followed by a short epilogue. I hope to have both done some time next week. Once they’re done I’ll post the remaining parts of the story in one go. I’ll also put up a PDF file that has the whole novel in it so you don’t have to download three files to get the entire thing.

Guardian Spirit – Chapter 17


Seems I managed to work out the chapter into, hopefully, decent enough shape to have it enjoyable. Had real problems putting it together this time and there were things like travel times that further made things difficult at times, but I think I managed to work them all out. So here it is, the chapter that puts Part Three of the story into motion.

Guardian Spirit – Part Three

Next chapter will come next week, hopefully 🙂

Guardian Spirit – Part Two Complete


Chapter 16 of the story is now done and with it part two of the story. A new journey begins that will lead us to part three of the story and the inevitable conclusion of the entire story.

Anyway, lets gather some links.

For those of you who haven’t read the story so far, you can find the beginning of the story here: Guardin Spirit – Part One

The complete part two of the story can be found here: Guardian Spirit – Part Two

Not sure whether I’ll release a chapter next weekend since I’ve been having some problems with the next chapter. If I get them sorted out next week then sure, but it might be that I skip one weekend to get things the way I want them. In any case, the story will continue fairly soon 🙂

Guardian Spirit – Chapter 14


This is one of the more major chapters in the story. It’s also one of the more action oriented chapters so I hope I’ve managed to make those scenes decent enough. I’ve always felt a bit uncomfortable writing fight scenes, but there was no avoiding it this time 🙂

As always, you can find the new chapter here: Guardian Spirit – Part Two

In case you’re new, you can find the first part of the story here: Guardian Spirit – Part One

See you again next week.

Guardian Spirit – Chapter 13

Hello once again.

Chapter 13 is here. I’m not entirely sure I’m completely happy with how it turned out, but it should do ok. It is one of those in-between chapters that just develop things. What I do know is that the next chapter will be a significant one with a lot happening.

Anyway, as always, here’s the link: Guardian Spirit – Part Two

Have a good Sunday and see you in a week.