The Persecuted – Chapter 15 & Heart Hunter – Chapter 2

It’s a double feature this time. I was lazy during Easter and didn’t post anything so this is making up for it.

In chapter 15 of The Persecuted Adan and what remains of the group start their journey towards the sanctuary while wrestling with the demons brought out by recent events.

Link: The Persecuted

In the second chapter of Heart Hunter Kate and Verehy get to know each other a bit more while the strange man brings in more trouble for her.

Link: Heart Hunter

The Persecuted – Chapter 14

Time for chapter 14 of The Persecuted. Adan and the rest of the group finally arrive at the mountains they need to cross to reach safety.

Link: The Persecuted Sunday I’m finally continuing to post Heart Hunter chapters. Been far too long with that one. In case you’ve forgotten about the story, here’s a link.

Link: Heart Hunter

I’ll be alternating between this and The Persecuted. So every other week you’ll get a new chapter of The Persecuted and every other you’ll get some Heart Hunter.

Heart Hunter – Chapter 1

So, yeah, this story is probably not for everyone. It’s absurd in many ways(as the first three lines will probably tell you), messed up but hopefully funny at times, and there’s a lot of blood, violence, gore and sex. And I make no apologies for the possible cheesiness of it all.

It is a side project much like He Who Seeks was so don’t expect the updates to be that frequent. Don’t expect it to be multiple hundreds of pages long either. Anyway, I hope you still give it a try 🙂

Link: Heart Hunter

I’ll try to get the next chapter of The Pale Rose out this Sunday.