Horizon – Chapter 8

It’s the Sunday dose!

Chapter 8 is here and we get to meet a new character as well as find a new threat to spice things up. With an combination like that, what could possibly go wrong? Nothing I tells you! Nothing!

Link: Horizon

And so begins the week long silence once more 🙂

Horizon – Chapter 7

Greetings from snowy Finland even though it’ll all melt next week, but that’s how it goes with first snows.

Chapter 7 of Horizon is here. Saon arrives on the scene and the full details of the Horizon plan are revealed. Hopefully it’s not too far out there 🙂

Usual link: Horizon

I’ve almost got another chapter of He Who Seeks complete. Depending on how I have time and motivation, maybe next week will see a new chapter of it released. We’ll see.

Horizon – Chapter 5

Hey, hey!

New Sunday, new chapter. This time we see Nala and Ghardo rummage through the moon colony and step on a few more toes, leaving Ialye to clean up the mess. Some more magic, some more science-fictiony stuff happens. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Link: Horizon

Next week..well, find out then.

Horizon – Chapter 4

It’s Sunday, Sunday, gotta get edited on Sunday, everybody’s looking forward to the new chapter..



So, chapter 4 is here. We get to see Nala and Ghardo play detective as they tackle the mystery of captain Tysgar’s demise and in the process land themselves on the moon! So without further words, here’s the link:


Enjoy! That’s an order.

Horizon – Chapter 3

It’s a bit later than usual, but it’s still Sunday, right? 🙂

This chapter introduces a few new characters and reveals some more of the plan the elves have cooked up. There’s even a bit of action for the first time in this story. I hope you enjoy it.

Link: Horizon

As usual, new chapter next week.

Horizon – Chapter 2

Now with drop caps!

The plot thickens and some clarity is brought to the entire plot of things. What is Horizon? What’s the plan? What could possibly go wrong? Read to find out.

The link: Horizon

It looks like I’ve gotten into the groove of this story so a chapter per week is the schedule from now on. Thing are going well with the further chapters and the initial stiffness is gone so I’m feeling good about my ability to keep the story going until the end. Hope you keep reading until then 🙂

Horizon – Chapter 1

Good news everyone!

After much consideration and rewriting and tuning, here is the first chapter of the new long term story: Horizon. As with Voyage of Elwar Soran, we jump ahead in time and get a glimpse of what the world has become. This also marks the return of Nala as the main character. I hope I managed to make the first chapter an appealing one, though I have to admit this one starts more slowly than my previous stories and because of its setting it might take a little getting used to.

Please note that you will get a lot more out of the story if you’ve read the two previous ones. So while you can read this as a stand-alone story, I would suggest against it.

And without further rambling, here’s the link to it: Horizon

I hope it peaks your interests. Whether this is the point at which I start releasing a chapter every week, I’m not yet fully certain, but I hope that is the case. We’ll have to see how the writing goes.