Music Blog #1


Sometimes I take some time to scour the interwebz/youtube/whatever for some new music to listen to. A lot of the time when I find something I’ve shared it on Facebook or just on IRC. I figured it might be more fun for me to do it this way. Get a bit more of writing and my thoughts going on with all of it. Maybe a good way for me to get to think a bit more on what makes something good in my opinion.

I’m not going to review anything, no full albums or anything like that. Likely you’ll just get one song from a band and a few words from me about it. Mostly I think I’m going to stick to pointing at things on youtube, on official band channels and such.

My taste

Music is very much a matter of personal taste. Some like rap, some like metal, some like pop-music and so on. There’s no right answer on what is the best genre. My tastes tend to lean towards metal music, especially melodic death metal and things in that vein. Occasionally I’ll find something nice in an entirely different genre. Could be trance, could be rap, could be j-pop, could be anything. I don’t particularly care what genre it is as long as I like the sound of it.

I like melodic things. I like when harsh, growling vocals are mixed with clean ones. I like female fronted metal bands quite a bit. I like it when metal gets mixed with other genres like trance. A piano is always nice. Violins and other traditional instrument can be nice. I don’t particularly care what the lyrics are for a song. I tend to view the singer as one more instrument in the band where the lyrics are the singers guitar tabs. Because I don’t care about lyrics that much I don’t care what language the singer uses.

Maybe you’ll like what I like, maybe not. But I hope you give things a go. So let’s get to it.

Deadlock – Backstory Wound

Deadlock is a metal band from Germany that uses harsh male vocals and beautiful female vocals to smooth things out. They’ve been quite consistent in quality and this new song of theirs is no exception. The contrast in the vocals just works beautifully in my opinion.

Oracles – Skin

A very similar entry to Deadlock leads us to another mix of male and female vocals. The guitars get a bit heavier in this one and it’s a more furious paced song, but very enjoyable still. Oracles is a previously unfamiliar band to me, but I’m glad I ran across their video.

Forget Gravity – Infinite Spires

This song is a perfect demonstration of what I was talking above. Metal is where my main taste lies, but sometimes you just come across a song that you enjoy and it’s from some genre you’ve never even considered. This synthwave(?) song from Forget Gravity is easy to listen to and has a nice vibe to it.

FM-84 – Running In The Night

Forget Gravity sent me down a path and along came this gem from FM-84 that could well play in some cheesy 80s movie. I’m a sucker for 80s movies so that’s not a bad thing in my books. Somehow very mood lifting for me.

Anno Domini – Primordium

With Anno Domini we jump into the world of symphonic black/death metal. The instruments are harsh, fast paced, but then at times hit a beautiful symphonic calm. Great song.

Donuts Hole – Mi Lado Dominante de Mí

When it comes to music, language doesn’t matter. Donuts Hole from Barcelona demonstrates that with this modern metal song. Again there’s that mix of clean vocals and harsher ones that I enjoy. Also, fair warning, brief bare breasts in the video 🙂

So that’s my haul for my very first music blog. No clue when a second one will be made, if one will be made even. Hope you found some of the songs likeable. I’ve tried to link all the bands to where it’s easy to find and buy their stuff if you happen to fall in love with something.