The Onlookers

It has been a while. Sorry about that. Here’s a short story inspired by a game of Stellaris. Humanity gets to watch from the sidelines as two galactic empires slug it out in the Solar system. Hope you like it.

PDF Link: The Onlookers

I’m getting pretty close to being able to start posting chapters of a longer story. Maybe next month or the month after that. This year, anyway. I hope you will stick around for that.



After a bit of silence, here’s a short story. Bit of a sci-fi one that explores the power of corporations and what might happen when they control almost everything. Hope you enjoy it.

PDF Link: Banned

Jacked Up


First off, a happy new year to everyone. Hope it turns out to be a good one for all of you. With that it’s time for the first story of the new year. It’s a short, sci-fi themed romp, exploring the perils of integrating technology with our own bodies. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

PDF Link: Jacked Up

This year I hope to finish at least two of the unfinished novels I have kicking around. I’m 44 000 words into one of them and the others is ~83 000 words in and very close to being finished. We’ll see how long it takes to start putting out chapters of that. Meanwhile I’ll probably post a few more short stories, though with no solid schedule. Hope that’s enough to tide you over 🙂

House Arrest


So while we’re waiting for me to finish some of the longer stories I’m working on I figured I’d break the silence with a short story. It’s sort of sci-fi and comes with my usual dark outlook on things. Hope you enjoy it.

PDF link: House Arrest

I’m thinking there might be one or two more short stories before I get to posting something longer. Hopefully I’ll have things ready sooner rather than later, but we’ll see.

The Persecuted – Chapter 1 + Some Short Stories

It has been a while since my last post. Too long. Hopefully with this I’ll get into the groove of things again. Kicking off a new series always feels good, though none of these have anything to do with the world of Balaria.

So here goes.

The Persecuted

The Persecuted follows Adan as he tries to survive a world that wants him dead only because he’s different from others. It is a dark tale and the main characters isn’t what you’d call a hero. Often he comes off more as a villain. Anyway, I hope you like it. I hope to post a new chapter weekly, though it might be bi-weekly. But no bigger gaps than that between chapters.

Link: The Persecuted

Short Stories

As a bonus here are two short stories I’ve put up on deviantart, but never got around to posting them here.

Link: The Robbery

I wanted to write something with the Alien/Species movie vibe. I hope I managed to do that with The Robbery.

Link: Post Life

Post Life is a more reflective story about what comes after death. Remember to bring a paper bag with you. You might need it if you stare at the light too much 😉

The Brothel


Long time since the last update. This time it’s just a random short story. I promise I’ll soon get back to posting something longer.

When I started writing this all I had was the first paragraph. Everything else just came as I wrote with little to no planning. So take this as you will, an example of how my mind works out stories or just some random short story. The ending is a bit open ended, but as I said, I had no ending in mind when I started writing this. I still don’t.

But yeah, I hope you find it enjoyable for what it is. If you’ve read any of my previous short stories you know the sort of things I write 🙂

Link: The Brothel

The Pale Rose – Chapter 19 + A Christmas Tale

December 1st. Only 23 more days to go.

Anyway, chapter 19 of The Pale Rose. Cheid gets things rolling and pays a visit to someone the clues sent him towards. I know the chapters have been a bit short as of late and so is this one, but there are some longer ones in the future.

The Pale Rose – Part Three

Since it’s the Christmas month, I figured I’d post a little Christmas themed story for you to enjoy. I hope you like it.

A Christmas Tale

Until next week.

Heart Hunter – Chapter 1

So, yeah, this story is probably not for everyone. It’s absurd in many ways(as the first three lines will probably tell you), messed up but hopefully funny at times, and there’s a lot of blood, violence, gore and sex. And I make no apologies for the possible cheesiness of it all.

It is a side project much like He Who Seeks was so don’t expect the updates to be that frequent. Don’t expect it to be multiple hundreds of pages long either. Anyway, I hope you still give it a try 🙂

Link: Heart Hunter

I’ll try to get the next chapter of The Pale Rose out this Sunday.