The Onlookers

It has been a while. Sorry about that. Here’s a short story inspired by a game of Stellaris. Humanity gets to watch from the sidelines as two galactic empires slug it out in the Solar system. Hope you like it.

PDF Link: The Onlookers

I’m getting pretty close to being able to start posting chapters of a longer story. Maybe next month or the month after that. This year, anyway. I hope you will stick around for that.

The Imaginary Friend


Sorry for the long silence. Finally got around to doing the finishing touches on a short story. I hope you enjoy what Sam and his imaginary friend get into.

PDF Link: The Imaginary Friend

Work on a longer story is going quite well. Might soon reach a point where I can start posting it. Meanwhile I think I’ll have one or two more short stories for you guys. Until next time.

The Mother


Another short story to tide you over. I’ll probably write a few more that intertwine with this one from the perspective of other characters, but this should stand alone quite well, as will the others.

The Mother focuses on a woman who has had a rough life, but that changes with the addition of something new.

PDF Link: The Mother

Jacked Up


First off, a happy new year to everyone. Hope it turns out to be a good one for all of you. With that it’s time for the first story of the new year. It’s a short, sci-fi themed romp, exploring the perils of integrating technology with our own bodies. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

PDF Link: Jacked Up

This year I hope to finish at least two of the unfinished novels I have kicking around. I’m 44 000 words into one of them and the others is ~83 000 words in and very close to being finished. We’ll see how long it takes to start putting out chapters of that. Meanwhile I’ll probably post a few more short stories, though with no solid schedule. Hope that’s enough to tide you over 🙂

House Arrest


So while we’re waiting for me to finish some of the longer stories I’m working on I figured I’d break the silence with a short story. It’s sort of sci-fi and comes with my usual dark outlook on things. Hope you enjoy it.

PDF link: House Arrest

I’m thinking there might be one or two more short stories before I get to posting something longer. Hopefully I’ll have things ready sooner rather than later, but we’ll see.


So I wanted to write some horror. I’m not quite sure I nailed the atmosphere or even the horror element, but here it is. I hope you like it.

PDF Link: Sleepyhead

Next week or the week after I’ll start posting the last part of The Broken Worlds trilogy. Look forward to that 🙂


So I wanted to write something with some sci-fi in it, maybe practice writing a fight scene. And out came this piece. It follows Ethan and Emma as they hunt down relics from a war.

Link: Sweepers

Enjoy 🙂

The Persecuted – Chapter 3 + Missing Persons

Here we go with the third chapter of The Persecuted. It is a memory chapter — Adan thinking back on what has happened in his life — so it is a bit short, but important none the less to build his character. There will be more of them, some longer, some shorter, but I hope you will enjoy them.

Link: The Persecuted

To compensate for the short chapter, here’s a little short story for you to enjoy as well. It follows Paul as he tries to report his wife missing to the police, but the service he gets turns out to be less than sane.

Link: Missing Persons

Hope you have fun reading these 🙂

Tales From Ramyn – The Clubbers

About time I continued this series. For those of you who do not remember, Tales From Ramyn is a series that focuses on the city of Ramyn and a number of its inhabitants. It’s a way of exploring and expanding the city to give it more life.

The Clubbers follows Denny and Irv as they go about their daily business. They’re clubbers. They find some of the more exotic visitors to the city of Ramyn and capture them to be sold on for money. This time, their hunt doesn’t go quite as planned.

Link: The Clubbers

In case you haven’t read it, here’s a link to the first part of the series. You don’t have to have read it, but if you enjoy this one you’ll probably enjoy it too. It’ll also show you how the stories are connected. It’s very loose, but it’s there.

Link: The Street Urchin

New chapter of The Persecuted this Sunday. Look forward to that 🙂