The Persecuted – Complete

Here we are once more. Another novel complete. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Link: The Persecuted

So. The next story needs a once over before I start posting it, but I hope to have it done soon. I’m pretty excited for it. The concept is interesting and some of the characters turn out quite..entertaining. It’s a trilogy of which I have the first two books complete and the third one about two thirds of the way. Will probably take the rest of the year to post just the two complete ones so plenty of time to finish the third one. So, so long, until then 🙂

The Persecuted – Chapter 19

Winter is over and even Jon Snow knows it. Adan and Nora start with their plan to change the world. With this chapter done, there’s only a few more left.

Link: The Persecuted

So when I started writing this story I figured it would be done in one book. Then I realized that wasn’t going to happen. There was far too much to cover. So, there will be a second book in this thing at some point.

The Persecuted – Chapter 15 & Heart Hunter – Chapter 2

It’s a double feature this time. I was lazy during Easter and didn’t post anything so this is making up for it.

In chapter 15 of The Persecuted Adan and what remains of the group start their journey towards the sanctuary while wrestling with the demons brought out by recent events.

Link: The Persecuted

In the second chapter of Heart Hunter Kate and Verehy get to know each other a bit more while the strange man brings in more trouble for her.

Link: Heart Hunter

The Persecuted – Chapter 14

Time for chapter 14 of The Persecuted. Adan and the rest of the group finally arrive at the mountains they need to cross to reach safety.

Link: The Persecuted Sunday I’m finally continuing to post Heart Hunter chapters. Been far too long with that one. In case you’ve forgotten about the story, here’s a link.

Link: Heart Hunter

I’ll be alternating between this and The Persecuted. So every other week you’ll get a new chapter of The Persecuted and every other you’ll get some Heart Hunter.