The various races in Balaria have their own calendars. Many of the human realms also have their own calendars based on how long a family has ruled or some other means. The scholars and eventually even the common people have found it hard to work together if there is no universal system in place to determine what month it is or even what year. That is why the Common Date Calendar was created and agreed upon.

Common Date Calendar

There are two concepts that should be made familiar with the Common Date Calendar. Those are BCD(Before Common Date) and CD(Common Date).

BCD is used to note years before the Common Date Calendar was put in use. CD notes years that have come after the calendar was put to use.

So the date when Loriel gave the elves the seed to the first Elf Tree would be noted as 20 000 BCD. The starting year of the Troll Wars would be noted as 2568 CD.

Each Common Date year has 12 moons in it. The length of the moon varies, some being shorter than other and some longer. The longest months are 31 days.

The first three moons of a year are 28 days long.
Moons 4-5 are 29 days long.
Moons 6-7 are 31 days long.
Moons 8-9 are 30 days long.
Moons 10-12 are 28 days long.

Time Line

Here is a rough time line for the world of Balaria. It contains some information that might spoil future stories to a certain extent, but I feel it’s better to give it out so you can get a better feel for the age of the world and what has happened there.