Random Long Ones

Random longer stories that have nothing to do with the world of Balaria.

He Who Seeks

Hermes wakes up inside an abandoned building. He has a mission to complete and when he meets a young boy they begin a journey to fulfill that mission.

The Persecuted

Adan never asked to be born the way he did. Follow his life as he tries to survive a world that wants him dead on the basis of religious dogma.


Alternate takes place in world where traveling to alternate realities is the new extreme sport. It’s the first part of a trilogy called Broken Worlds.


Continuation to Alternate. Second part of the Broken Worlds trilogy.


The final part of the Broken Worlds trilogy.

The Book of Lies

Taroc is an inquisitor tasked with finding writing the Church has deemed heretical. In his search he finds a book that changes the course of his life.

Europa Rises

Carrie Apalkov gets assigned to a station orbiting Jupiter as part of her job at working in the security forces. The investigation into the disappearance of a scientist sends her down a rabbit hole of corporate greed and negligence.

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