Balaria is a fantasy world that I’ve been working on in my mind from 2003 or so. The problem has been in writing things down, but hopefully I’ll have the inspiration to get things going again.

There is quite a bit of stuff already written down so you’ll be able to see some glimpses of the world and what there is in it. Everything is being written in English even though it isn’t my first language. Mostly this is to perhaps offer it to a larger audience. This likely leads to some grammatical errors and clumsy expressions so I hope you’ll bare with me. Of course, if the errors annoy you enough you’re free to mention them and I’ll very likely fix them.


New general map of the world of Balaria

New Map in B&W

Old general map of the world of Balaria.

A map of Balaria with the state borders.

map of The known Galaxy

The Galaxy

The Galaxy