A short introduction to the various races that dwell on Balaria.


The elves are mainly situated in the Elven kingdom that is located at the heart of The Great Forest. You can also encounter them in any of the smaller forests in Balaria.

The lifespan of an elf can be quite long. On average they live to be 500-600 years old. The pointy ears are characteristic to elves. They’re usually around 6 feet tall, slim bodied and have almond shaped eyes.

Elves have a special relationship with nature and they feel uncomfortable in human cities or any other races cities for that matter. They want to be surrounded by nature. Elves who have become accustomed to living in the cities of other races are not unheard of, but they are rare exceptions.


The dwarfs are mainly situated in their own kingdom, Karan. Karan is the only surface city the dwarfs have and even it was only built to accomodate traders. The mountainrange of Karan is filled with tunnels and underground cities where the majority of dwarfs live, doing what they love, mining precious metals.

Dwarfs are usually around 4-4½ feet tall and have beards(even the women). Their lifespan is longer than humans, but they fall short of the elves. An average Dwarf can live to be 300-350 years old.

Dwarfs prefer to live underground and might feel a bit uneasy under the open sky. Not that a dwarf would ever admit to feeling like that. They’re stubborn people with a sturdy build.


The most widespread of the races in Balaria. You can meet one almost anywhere(though the Elven kingdom and Dasrak, the trolls kingdom, are hard to reach and not very hospitable so meeting a human there is rare at best). They live in cities, small villages or where ever they find a suitable spot.

Humans look, well, human. Just like you and I. They can be 5-7 feet tall and their body build can vary greatly. The average lifespan of a human can reach 60 years.


Trolls are confined to their own small kingdom, Dasrak. This has been the case ever since the troll wars ended. They keep to themselves and only a select few will venture outside Dasrak or be allowed to enter the kingdom.

Trolls are large and muscular beings. An average troll is 7 feet tall, though some can grow to be closer to 8 feet. They have a scarce fur covering them and they have pointy ears and a large, pointy noses and triangle shaped jaws. Their ability to regenerate combined with their physical strength makes them fearsome opponents in battle. The lifespan of an average troll is around 200 years.
Despite their fearsome appearance, the trolls are quite pleasant and easy going beings. For the most part they’re just happy to be left alone, but if you get to know one, it’ll become apparent that they’re not that much different from humans. Well, at least when it comes to their thoughts and personalities.


Halflings are wanderers so it’s not a surprise to meet one in any part of Balaria, but their homes are located in the kingdom of Mandor. The Halfling Hills are part of the kingdom and the halflings are happy that way. In exchange for taxes, they have the knights of Mandor protecting themselves, so they see it as a fair trade.

An average halfling is shorter than an average dwarf by a few inches. Halfling are known for their long, braid hair, but other than that it’s quite easy to mistake one for an human child.

Halfling are curious by nature and quick with their movements.