Mega Sunday

Why mega you ask? Because we have two things finishing today.

Firstly, we have chapter 6 of The Pale Rose. It concludes Part One of the story. I’m probably passing up next weeks release to give the second part some time to mature a bit, but then I’ll continue posting. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far.

Link: The Pale Rose – Part One

And then we have the two final chapters to He Who Seeks. Yes, that’s right. It’s done. Did not turn out that long a story, but I do believe the quality makes up for it. At least I hope it does. And I hope the ending isn’t too shocking(or flat, could go either way). Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as well.

Link: He Who Seeks

So..yeah. There’s another side project I’ve had going. Maybe I’ll post its first chapter at some point, though I’m not too far into it just yet. Just know that I’m not running out of ideas any time soon so there will be plenty of things coming in the future 🙂

The Pale Rose – Chapter 3 & He Who Seeks – Chapter 5


Busy Sunday with two new chapters, one for The Pale Rose and another for He Who Seeks. I hope you enjoy both of them.

Chapter 3 of the Pale Rose introduces us some new characters and a bit of scheming. The violence is behind us, for now.

Link: The Pale Rose – Part One

On chapter five of He Who Seeks the identity of Target 2 is revealed and the story starts heading towards its ending. It’s looking like the story will be around 100 pages long so it’ll fall short of a full novel I think.

Link: He Who Seeks

On a bit of personal news, I’m starting a new job on Monday. What that will mean for my writing, I’m not sure yet. Certainly I’ll have less time to put into it so the pace might slow down a bit, especially with the side projects. But..we’ll see how things start running 🙂

He Who Seeks – Chapter 4

It seems I thought right yesterday. I did get around to doing the usual editing I do before posting a chapter. So, a new chapter of He Who Seeks is here. I’m sorry it took so long, but hopefully I can now post new chapters with a bit less time between them.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Link: He Who Seeks

I don’t think this will be a 100k word story. Perhaps it’ll be about half that, but I’m confident it’ll be one of the better things I’ve written so far 🙂

He Who Seeks – Chapter 2


So, the side-project seems to be progressing pretty well so far. Certainly much quicker than I’d expected. In any case, here is the second chapter for the story.

Hermes and Travis do a bit of ruin exploration and find all sorts of useful things. Decisions are made and new monsters are encountered. The first chapter got a lot of positive comments in various places so I hope this chapter can continue it in a satisfactory manner.

Link: He Who Seeks

New chapter of Horizon on Sunday so have a nice weekend until then 🙂